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Infomail des Dekans WF 14. August 2019

Dear Students

Some of you are currently preparing for the final year of your bachelor degree – to you we say good luck in the final run-up! Others are right in the middle of their course – we wish continuing success in your endeavours. And yet others will be looking forward to spending their first days with us at university – a warm welcome from the Faculty of Economics & Management (WF)! The first item in this message is for our new students in particular.

You will no doubt have many questions. We have pooled the answers for you in this info-mail. Our good wishes to you all for an excellent start to the new semester!

Warm regards
Prof. Dr. Christoph A. Schaltegger
Dean of the Faculty of Economics & Management

Invitation to the Induction Day – for students in Economics & Management

The Induction Day event on Friday, 13 September 2019 is your opportunity to get to know the city, your fellow students, the university and us! In the morning, there will be a guided tour of Lucerne led by our students who will point out must-sees and their personal favourites. Then, after lunch together at the restaurant in the Rathaus Brauerei, a welcome has been organised for you at the university.

Invitation Induction day Bachelor students
Invitation Induction day Master students

To attend this event, please register by 4 September 2019 at unilu.ch/wf-einfuehrung.

PPE/minor subject students: please note that the Faculty of Culture and Social Sciences will be organising a separate Induction Day event for you.

Mandatory induction into study organisation

Students who embark on a degree course will obviously have many questions. With that in mind, we organise an induction event for new WF students at the beginning of the semester. The event will be held on two dates. Attendance at one of the dates is mandatory for new students on the BA course in Economics & Management and for students on the MA who are new to the University of Lucerne. Students of other faculties who plan to attend WF courses (e.g. PPE, Economics & Management as a minority subject) are also welcome. Registration is not required.

For bachelor students:
Friday, 30 August 2019 | 10.15 to approx. 11.15 | Auditorium 10
Monday, 16 September 2019 | 14.30 to approx. 15.30 | Auditorium 7

For master and exchange students:
Friday, 13 September | 13.00 to approx. 15.45 | Infodesk (at entrance of university building)

Communication via e-mail

When you enrol for your degree course, you are given a studmail account. Electronic mail from the university goes to your studmail address only. The log-in information you will need to access the UniPortal and OLAT also goes to your studmail address.

Please check your e-mail regularly to make sure you receive all information in good time.

Exchange students

A warm welcome to exchange students who will be spending the autumn semester 2019 with us at the Faculty of Economics & Management of the University of Lucerne! Please note the general induction, available to you during the “Welcome Week”, organised by the International Relations Office from 9 to 13 September 2019. For a specific introduction to the faculty, we recommend you to attend the faculty induction day including the induction into study organisation on 13 September 2019 (see above).

Our academic student advisors are always available to help if you have any questions about the organisation of the semester or signing of the Learning Agreement. Please contact: studienberatung-wfremove-this.@remove-this.unilu.ch.

Registering for courses via OLAT

Before attending your chosen course, you must register via the E-Learning-Platform OLAT. Only students who have registered for the course will receive information from lecturers by e-mail and access to course materials.

It is within the responsibility of the students to check, whether courses are eligible for crediting to study programmes. Use the ‟Study Programme” search function in the Course Catalogue to see which courses are eligible for credit. In case of questions, please contact our academic student advisors.

For tutorial groups, a separate OLAT registration is required. Places are limited and will be assigned on a “first come, first served” basis.

OLAT registration is open from 2 to 27 September 2019. Guide to Registering for Courses via OLAT

KSF Courses: Registration via UniPortal at start of the semester

If you, as a student of Economics & Management plan to attend courses offered by other faculties as an optional compulsory or optional subject, please make sure you know their registration requirements! For courses offered by the Faculty of Culture and Social Sciences (KSF), please note that the OLAT registration and the UniPortal registration (!) both begin two weeks before the start of the semester and end on Friday of the second week of the semester. Further information

Earning credits towards a Master’s degree in advance

Students who are registered for a Bachelor degree in Economics & Management at the University of Lucerne may earn credits towards a Master’s degree in advance, up to a maximum total of 36 credits (for details see Guidance on Study Structure at Master Level, §6).

Interested students should contact the Student Advisory Service at the beginning of the semester (at the latest by Friday of the second week of the semester) so that their achievements can be checked and the registration for the relevant courses can be activated. 

Mandatory online registration for all WF courses

Registration is mandatory for all WF examinations. Only students who have registered via the UniPortal may sit examinations.

Students may register for examinations scheduled for autumn semester 2019 from 31 October to 14 November 2019 via the UniPortal. Information e.g. about examination dates is published on the website under Examinations. Further information about registration will be provided by e-mail prior to the registration period.

Students must also register via the UniPortal for seminars which do not finish with an examination.

Examination results: Announcement of average grade and failure rate

At the suggestion of our students, we have decided that examination results will be published with information about the average grade and failure rate. We will provide details of where and when this information will be available in the next Infomail.

Note: Deadline for applications for extensions to examination duration KSF

If you are a student whose mother tongue is not German and you attend courses at the KSF in optional compulsory or optional subjects, applications for an extension to allotted examination times must be made by 31 October (for the autumn semester). Further information

Bachelor dissertation

Some of you will be making a start on your Bachelor dissertation over the next two semesters. Please refer to the Guide to Writing the Bachelor Dissertation for further information. Content-related requirements will differ depending on the subject and area of study – please consult with your supervisor in good time.

Wanted: Candidate for Bachelor dissertation: In conjunction with the Foundation «Förderungs- und Wissenschaftsplattform 2. Säule», Prof. Dr. Christoph Schaltegger will act as supervisor for a Bachelor dissertation on the subject of Flexible Retirement. If interested, please write to christoph.schalteggerremove-this.@remove-this.unilu.ch

Important information and documents on our website

Other events of interest (in German)

10 October 2019: Innovation and HRM at Generali Schweiz. Further information and registration

22 October 2019: Reichmuth & Co Lecture No. 12 with Clemens Fuest. Further information and registration

29 October 2019: Insight into Master course in Economics & Management (Info Evening). Further information and registration

Workshops by students for students

Ace your presentations? Prezi: an alternative to Powerpoint? Excel for advanced users? Join our workshops by students for students and cultivate your interdisciplinary skills. Further information and registration

New offer of language courses

For the fall semester 2019, the University of Lucerne offers new language courses. Students from all study levels are welcome. Course fee is CHF 250. Places are limited. Online registration is possible from 21 Oktober 2019.
Further information semester course «Academic Writing B2»
Further information semester course «Italienisch für Anfänger A1»

Specifically for international students, the university offers courses in German. Further information

Student Store Lucerne (Studiladen)

The Studiladen Luzern is a student-managed business with shop and own digital printing facility inside the Uni/PH building. It stocks everything you need for your studies: books, notes, flashcards, stationery and much more. Check the website to see the full range of books on sale: https://studiladen.com/

Nuova associazione per studenti Ticinesi

È con grande entusiasmo che vi presentiamo l'associazione ETIL, Economisti Ticinesi a Lucerna. Vi aiuteremo passo dopo passo in questo nuovo e lungo percorso della vostra vita. Durante la prima settimana del si terrà la presentazione della facoltà e dell'associazione dove risponderemo a tutte le vostre domande, siete tutti invitati! (riceverete a breve più info dettagliate) Non esitate a contattarci per qualsiasi informazione: Contatto