New master seminar "People Analytics"

Are you interested in developing people analytics skills? Do you wish to gain expertise in the management of a remote workforce? Do you like to work on your unique project in groups? If so, save your spot in our new seminar “People Analytics”.

Businesses make people-related decisions every day, all of which can be improved through the use of evidence. People analytics is an approach that generates relevant evidence by combining technical knowledge of analytics with a sound understanding of the people side of business.

This year’s focal topic is remote work and its consequences for employees and organizations. COVID-19 has driven a rapid shift of businesses to working from home and has raised many questions: How is performance affected? Which communication tools should be used? What can be done to mitigate work-life conflicts?

In the seminar, students will find answers to these or similar questions by working on their unique people analytics projects. Upon successful completion of this course, students receive three credits. You find more details in the syllabus.

27. August 2020