The panel debate discusses whether Christian Churches in Western Europe are becoming more environmentally concerned.

Datum: 3. Mai 2018
Zeit: 18.15 Uhr bis 20.15 Uhr
Ort: Universität Basel, Nadelberg 10

Against the backdrop of climate change, some Christian groups have adopted proactive positions in the public sphere while others intensified their previous engagement, as prominently illustrated by Pope Francis’ encyclical “Laudato Si”. On the other hand, Christian worldviews can also promote climate change scepticism, thereby blocking sustainability transitions. In the panel debate, we critically explore whether there are signs of a growing environmental engagement among Christian Churches and why becoming “greener” may be challenging for local congregations.

The panel debate is followed by an apéro riche.

The panel debate marks the start of the research project “Urban Green Religions”. The project studies the role of religion in urban transformations towards environmental sustainability. It is funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF).

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