The Office of Equal Opportunity actively supports the university’s efforts to ensure equal opportunities for men and women as well as to integrate people with disabilities into studies and the professional environment. It advises and supports the rector, members and bodies of the university as well as faculties, departments, institutes and other organisational units in issues relating to gender equality and the integration of people with disabilities.

The Office launches relevant projects and establishes the required internal university, national and regional contacts. In conjunction with the Campus Lucerne universities, it is responsible for running the Kita Campus day care and for implementing the concept of protection against sexual harassment.

  • Point of contact and source of advice for university members and bodies and to the outside world
  • Responsible for implementing the University of Lucerne’s 2017-2020 action and multi-year plan
  • Implementing equality control, embedding equality elements in University of Lucerne quality assurance measures
  • Promoting awareness among staff, students and the public
  • Managing the Equal Opportunity Committee
  • Equal Opportunity Committee delegate for recruitment procedures
  • Involvement in the research committee
  • Collaboration in the Gender Campus with the diversity representatives from PH Lucerne and the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts
  • Exchange with the Canton of Lucerne equality body and the ‘Alliance Egalité’ and ‘FrauenLuzern’ committees
  • Involvement in KOFRAH (Conference of Equal Opportunities Managers at Swiss Universities)

General principles

The university’s mission statement, statutes (equal opportunities in section 39 an 39a) and objectives to achieve gender equality are available in German only.