The Archives of the University of Lucerne is responsible for the authentic historical tradition of the university. 

In accordance with this it provides professional guidance and assistance to the university departments on records management and preserves evidence of past decisions, including all valuable records as required by law.

Once the retention periods have lapsed, the University Archives transfers reserved records to the Lucerne State Archives. Records of scientific value warranting permanent retention are transferred to the University Archival Repository and made available for access. Regarding the comprehensive scientific historic tradition, the University Archives also maintains records or estate of members of the university community.


Foto Helena Zimmermann

lic. phil. Helena Zimmermann

University Archivist 

T +41 41 229 51 15 

Areas of responsibility: Pre-archiving Activities as well as Assistance in Records Management and Collaboration with the Lucerne State Archives. Acquisition Policy, Archival Description, Preservation and Reference Service. 
Room: 3.A23
Attendance time: Wed. – Fri.


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T +41 41 229 51 15
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