The credit card format CampusCard is issued to students (as a student ID card) and employees (as a staff ID card).

Issue of the CampusCard

For employees

Place: Human resources desk, Room 4.A16, 4th floor
Time: Mo.–Fr. from 9 to 9.30 am

For students

Place: Student Administration Office desk, Room 4.B04
Time: Mo.–Fr. from 10 am to 1 pm


Students are given the CampusCard for the whole duration of their study.
This means that students retain their CampusCard even 
• if they change subject of study
• if they change level of study 
• if they reregister after interrupting their study
• during an approved free semester and study period abroad

Employees are given the CampusCard for the whole duration of their employment. Students who are at the same time employed by the University of Lucerne receive both a student and an employee CampusCard.

Validity of Student CampusCard

So that the CampusCard becomes valid it must have the owner-specific data written on it at a validat-ing station (=validated). This procedure lasts a few seconds and must be repeated every semester after receipt of the registration confirmation.

Validity of Employee CampusCard

The validity of the CampusCard for employees is limited to the end of a calendar year. If the em-ployment is continued it can be revalidated at the start of the year at a validating station.

Validating Stations

The devices for validating the card can be found on the ground floor and the 1st basement of the main building (Frohburgstrasse 3)

Areas of responsibility

Contacts for issuing or replacing in the event of loss are for
Students: Student Administration Office (
Employees: Human Resources (

Malfunctions are to be reported directly to the help desk IT of the University of Lucerne (


In the event of loss of the CampusCard a new card can be issued for an administration fee of CHF 30.00.

University Sports Facilities

The CampusCard is also valid as ID for the Lucerne Campus University Sports (HSCL) Facilities.

Cashless payment

In the new building of the University of Lucerne cashless payment is possible with the CampusCard. At Lucerne University of Applied Sciences (HSLU) you can also pay and copy with the card.

Library Card

The IDS barcode is printed on the CampusCard. This serves as a central university library user ID and must be registered at the information desk of the central university library. If you already have a central university library card you can add the IDS number of the CampusCard to your existing li-brary account at the library information desk.

Data Privacy and Security

At present only the corresponding card number (no matriculation or employee number) and few technical details are stored encrypted on the RFID chip. These are simply for identifying the card.

Printing, Photocopying and Scanning

In the buildings of the University of Lucerne and the Central and University Library of Lucerne (ZHB) there are various copy and print locations, each with two multifunctional devices and the Q-Pilot follow-me print solution. Documents can be printed or scanned via USB stick or web service.

For scanning books, please use the mobile scanners or the scanning stations of the ZHB Lucerne. Further information is available at the information desks of the Central and University Library.

Copy and printer locations

University of Lucerne, Location Frohburgstrasse 3

  • 1st basement: Room U1.440
  • 1st floor: Room 1.A18 and room 1.A17
  • 3rd floor: Room 3.B50
  • 4th floor: Room 4.B48

Central and university library, location Sempacherstrasse 10

  • 1st basement: Copy room 1 and copy room 2

eduroam (WLAN)

eduroam Logo

eduroam (EDUcation ROAMing) enables internet access for those working or studying at institutes of higher education at the sites of all participating organisations via wireless LAN (WLAN).

For meetings, lectures, foreign semesters or when visiting a university library an application no longer has to be made for guest access. Using eduroam it is possible to be connected to the internet with smartphones, tablets or laptops and the access data of the University of Lucerne.
In the meantime not only are most institutes of higher education and research establishments in Europe part of eduroam but also organisations from USA, Canada and the Asia-Pacific region. Every participating organisation makes its own WLAN infrastructure available for this. Authentication takes place in the respective home organisation of the users via Radius servers.

The differentiation of the user IDs takes place via a so-called realm. When logging in to eduroam the realm of the user names is attached.

For employees of the University of Lucerne the realm is ‘‘, for students ‘‘.

The request at login is then automatically transferred to the correct Radius server. In Switzerland SWITCH coordinates the eduroam activities for all institutes of higher education.

Technical data


Network name (SSID) eduroam
Security type WPA2 Enterprise
EAP type  PEAP 
Internal authentication  MSCHAPv2 
Employee user name  LogonName + Realm "" (e.g. 
Student user name  LogonName + Realm "" (e.g. 
Password  Password of the corresponding user name


Additional information

eduroam - SWITCH
eduroam - International

Installation with "eduroam CAT"

The eduroam CAT (Configuration Assistant Tool) Tools enable the automatic configuration of eduroam on devices with several operation systems. Additional to Windows, Mac OS X and Linux even devices running with Android and iOS (iPhone/iPad) can be configured easily. Compared to the manual configuration, setting up eduroam with the CAT tools is much easier and, above all, less susceptible to error. This also ensures that the eduroam network is configured with the optimal security settings


Installation for employees                      Installation for students
eduroam CAT für Mitarbeitende   eduroam CAT für Studierende

IT Helpdesk

Universität Luzern
Frohburgstrasse 3, Raum 4.A13
Postfach 4466
6002 Luzern                            

T +41 41 229 50 10              


Online Support via remote maintenance (TeamViewer)
Download TeamViewer for remote maintenance

Opening hours IT Helpdesk

Mon – Thu 08.00 – 12.00 am / 01.15 – 05.00 pm
Fri 08.00 – 12.00 am / 01.15 – 04.00 pm

Self Service (PW-Recovery Tool)

With the help of "Self Service" students at the University of Lucerne can independently reset their StudNET password.

The prior registration of corresponding user data and security questions is required.

Mit Hilfe von „Self Service“ können Studierende an der Universität Luzern selbständig Ihr StudNET Passwort zurücksetzen.

Voraussetzung ist die vorgängige Erfassung der entsprechenden Nutzerdaten bzw. Sicherheitsfragen. 

StudMAIL (E-Mail System)

The University of Lucerne e-mails information to students at irregular intervals. So that it can contact students by e-mail, an e-mail account is created for each of them at the start of their course. The University of Lucerne IT department operates a mail server for this purpose.


Webmail access (

Move to SWITCH edu-ID now

At the end of January 2019, the University of Lucerne will be moving over to the new 'edu-ID' authentication and authorisation infrastructure from SWITCH. From this point onwards online services such as OLAT, UniPortal or EZproxy will only be accessible via an edu-ID.
Create your SWITCH edu-ID now to ensure seamless access to online services. If you already have an edu-ID, you need to link it up to your university account.

More information:
Create an edu-ID:

Access to ZHB E-Media and Swisslex

A special service called EZproxy can be used to access chargeable licensed databases and Swisslex via ZHB e-menu from outside the internal network.