Four unique specialisation programmes, practical relevance and diverse career opportunities - discover the Master in Economics and Management at the University of Lucerne.

The Master's programme in Economics at the University of Lucerne offers both the opportunity to continue the generalist education of the Bachelor's degree and the option to deepen certain interests and subject areas. Four specialisation programmes enable a targeted focus. With a specialisation you acquire expert knowledge and increase your career opportunities for specific industries and professional fields. If you are interested in an academic career, a Master's degree is a prerequisite.

Specialisation Programmes

General Master's Programme

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Good reasons for the University of Lucerne

  1. Excellent student-lecturer ratio
  2. Future-oriented course content
  3. Strong networking with external partners
  4. First-class job prospects
  5. Highly motivated students
  6. Young, well-established faculty
  7. Central location

Study Contents

Graduates who acquire the title "Master in Economics and Management" are able to apply not only business management instruments but also economic instruments in various contexts. For this reason, there are compulsory subjects in the master's programme which imparts economics, management and empirical methods.

The majority of the course can be arranged according to your own interests. There are two possibilities: Either you choose freely from the entire range of master's courses offered by the Faculty of Economics and Management or you choose one of the four specialisations offered:


An overview of all master's courses at the Faculty of Economics and Management with detailed information is available in the course catalogue.

Economics (9 credits)

  • Games and Strategies
  • International Macroeconomics
  • Public Economics

Management (9 credits)

  • Advanced Marketing Management
  • Strategic HRM
  • Corporate Finance

Methods (6 credits)

  • Causal Analysis

Further examples of courses can be found in the individual specializations:

The sample curricula can be found on the course page.


The master's programme in economics and management comprises a total of 90 credits and the standard period of study is three semesters. It consists of four parts:

  • Compulsory subjects (24 credits)
  • Optional compulsory subjects or specialisation (36 credits)
  • Optional subjects (12 credits)
  • Master thesis (18 credits)

Compulsory subjects (24 credits)

  • Economics (9 credits)
  • Management (9 credits)
  • Methods (6 credits)

Option with optional compulsory subjects (36 credits)

If you choose this option, you can attend courses from the faculty's entire master's programme, whereby at least six credits must be selected from three out of four specializations.

Option with specialisation (36 credits)

By choosing this option, you can expand your knowledge in one of the four specializations offered:

Optional subjects (12 credits)

12 credits are available for courses outside the Faculty of Economics and Management, e.g. lectures in the Faculty of Cultural and Social Sciences, Law or Theology. Internships can also be credited in the optional subjects (see Frequently Asked Questions).

Master thesis (18 credits)

If you have chosen the option without a specialisation, you can freely choose the subject area for your master's thesis. If you have chosen one of the four specialisations, the master's thesis will be written in the chosen specialisation.


A large part of the master's programme is taught in English, the remaining courses are in German. It is possible to complete the master's programme entirely in English for the options "General Master’s in Economics and Management" as well as for the specializations "Market-oriented Management" and "Applied Data Science".

For the language in which a course is held, please refer to the course catalogue.


During the master's programme you have the opportunity to study at another university in Switzerland or abroad. Important information on the exchange programmes and the registration deadlines can be found under Mobility.

If you are interested in a study visit to another university or would like to register for it, please contact the Student Advisory Service in good time.

Career Prospects

With this master's programme, the world is open to you. As an economics and management graduate, you will hold management positions in national and international companies, enter consulting or do research at universities and in think tanks on economics and politics. Leading positions in the federal and cantonal administration as well as in NGOs and international organisations are also possible. Of course, you can venture the step into self-employment and start your own business. After graduating, you will always have good chances on the job market (see photo).

If you have opted for the option with a specialisation, the career prospects will also become more specific:

Still not enough of studying? Then you have already taken the first step towards a doctorate with your master's degree.

Application and Admission


You can start your master's programme in Economics and Management both in autumn and spring.

Application deadline for the autumn semester: mid-February to end of April
Application deadline for the spring semester: mid-September to end of November  

You can also apply for your studies after the official application deadlines (for the autumn semester until 31 August and for the spring semester until 31 January). In these cases, a processing fee will be charged.


Guide to Admission to the Master Programme in Management and Economics


In our Frequently Asked Questions section you will find answers and lots of useful information about studying. If you have any further questions, we will be happy to assist you personally.


All regulations relevant to the study of economics and management can be found on our regulations page.

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Call us on +41 (0)41 229 58 00 or send an e-mail to Our opening hours are from Monday to Thursday from 9.00 to 12.30 am. Please note that there are no official opening hours during the lecture-free period.

Academic student advisors

The Student Advisory Service of our faculty supports you in your choice of studies and advises students on general questions concerning their studies and study planning (including mobility, military service, credits, admission questions).


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