The Graduate Academy is open to all (post-) doctoral students at the University of Lucerne and is currently being built up as a contact point for our University’s junior researchers.

It sees itself primarily as an institution to support networking and offering a wide variety of courses and services (currently being conceptualized) to doctoral and postdoctoral students. The selection and the academic as well as administrative supervision remain with the faculties. More concretely, all details regarding admission, PhD regulations, and anything else related to obtaining a doctoral degree or completing a post-doc can be found on the websites of the University’s faculties.

Offers by the Graduate Academy, such as the Generic Skills course program, provide an additional framework for training and support (post-) doctoral students on their way to a future career - be it in academia or outside. All offers are open to - and free of charge for - all researchers, post-docs and doctoral students at the University of Lucerne and its partner institutions.

Once fully operative, the Graduate Academy will serve as a digital entry point making visible all major cooperations the University of Lucerne has with external partner institutions as well as cooperations set up by individual faculties.

Corona Counselling

The special situation we're living in creates uncertainty and fear for many of us.
In this context, the University has already referred to the Psychological Counseling Center and the University Pastoral Care Center, which offers support.

For doctoral students, PostDocs and incoming students there is now a new counselling offer: in order to help you go through these difficult times the University is dedicated to helping you with personal, emotional and psychological concerns.

Should you like to get such help – completely free of charge - please get in touch with for strictly confidential counselling.

As a trained and practicing psychologist, the person in charge has a longstanding, specialised experience in counselling students and academics. Remote, individual sessions over the Internet are offered in English, French or Italian.