The Research Promotion Unit helps University of Lucerne students with research projects in all matters relating to applications and funding. It is attached to and assists the University of Lucerne research committee (FoKo). 


The Research Promotion Unit provides the following services to University of Lucerne researchers:

  • Advice and support for applications to the FoKo and/or external sources (acquiring third-party funds) in terms of strategy, coordination, formal and administrative matters
  • Advice and support to doctoral and postdoctoral students regarding funding opportunities for dissertations and postdoctoral theses
  • Information on emerging researcher funding opportunities and competitions
  • Information on third-party funding opportunities for research projects
  • Clarifying, making arrangements and maintaining contacts with providers of third-party funding, in particular the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) and Euresearch
  • Information on current and completed third-party funded research projects at the University of Lucerne
  • Publishing research results to the public 


Further support

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Foto Bruno Zgraggen

Dr. phil. Bruno Z'Graggen

Research Promotion Unit Director 

T +41 41 229 51 70

Room: 3.A25
Attendance time: 60% working hours, generally present Tuesdays to Thursdays 

Lucette Oggier

Secretary FoKo

T +41 41 229 51 71

Room: 3.A25