Which research projects are supported by the FoKo?

The aim of the FoKo is to facilitate research. It supports research projects, third-party funding applications (start-up funding, with or without bridge funding), the completion of postdoctoral theses (SpeedUp), conferences, publications, foreign-language editing, mediation projects, and exchanges and networking between researchers. See: FoKo guidelines, § 4.

Who's eligible to apply?

Academic staff at the university, from post-doc. Doctoral students are not eligible to apply. See: FoKo regulations, § 4.

How many submission deadlines are there per year?

There are two regular submission deadlines per year. See: FoKo applications.

Is it possible to make applications at other times or retrospective?

Yes. Applications for amounts up to CHF 8,000 can be submitted at any time if their urgency can be clearly justified. The FoKo deals with such applications via a circulation procedure. See: FoKo guidelines, § 3.b).

Applications for smaller amounts up to CHF 1,000 are dealt with on an ongoing basis and decided by the FoKo president. See: FoKo regulations, § 8.2.

The Research Committee (FoKo) does not handle retrospective applications. See: FoKo guidelines, § 3

The FoKo usually supports research projects in accordance with the principle of subsidiarity. What does this principle mean and when is it fulfilled?

The FoKo usually supports research projects as a supplement (subsidiary) to other investors, e.g. projects and conferences. It expects at least half of the required funding to be covered by third-parties; in the event this is not the case, it expects a justification to be provided and proof of the unsuccessful efforts (rejections) to be enclosed. Start-up funding, SpeedUp, publications, editing, and exchanges and networking are not subject to the principle of subsidiarity. See: FoKo guidelines, § 4.

What do I need to keep in mind formally when making my application to the FoKo?

For each FoKo application, the corresponding application form must be filled out and the required attachments enclosed. The application is to be submitted to the FoKo in a single PDF which contains all the documents (to: fokoremove-this.@remove-this.unilu.ch for the attention of the FoKo president). See: FoKo forms

Before you apply, please register your project at the Research Information System of the University of Lucerne (FIS). The FIS number has to be registered into the FoKo forms. In case of any doubts, please contact the FIS responsable, Dr. Silvia Martens. More information refering FIS.

Based on which criteria and priorities does the FoKo assess applications?

The most important criteria used to assess FoKo applications are the researcher's academic qualifications and the academic quality of the research project that has been applied for. With regard to funding priorities, research projects and start-up funding take precedence, followed by conferences and publications. The criteria and priorities are listed in the FoKo regulations. See: FoKo regulations, § 7.1 und 7.2.

How long will it be before I am notified of the FoKo's decision?

The applicants usually receive written notification from the FoKo within a week of the FoKo meeting taking place.

What obligations do funding recipients have vis-à-vis the FoKo once the research project has been completed?

The funding recipients must submit a final report to the president of the FoKo containing a final financial statement that has been audited by the finance and accounting departments. This must be submitted at the latest three months after completion of the research project using the final report form. See: FoKo guidelines, § 7. und FoKo forms.

Who can I contact if I have further questions?

The main contact person for questions concerning content and format is the director of the Research Promotion Unit, Dr. Bruno Z'Graggen. In addition, Prof. Dr. Alexander Trechsel, vice-chancellor for the advancement of research and president of the FoKo, and Mrs Lucette Oggier, of the FoKo secretariat, may be contacted for information.
Contact: fokoremove-this.@remove-this.unilu.ch