Info Forschungsförderung Nr. 01 2021; 13.01.2021

Changes in FoKo research funding from 2021

  • Removal of the subsidiarity principle
    FoKo applications for all funding instruments can now be submitted without proof of third-party funding or of attempts to acquire this.
  • Increase in the maximum amount: CHF 30,000
    The new maximum amount for applications for complete and partial projects is CHF 30,000 (previously: CHF 20,000).
  • Setting of a minimum amount: CHF 1,000
    There is a new minimum amount of CHF 1,000.
  • Maximum amount in urgent circulation procedures: CHF 12,000
    The new maximum amount is CHF 12,000 (previously: CHF 8,000). The valid justification of the urgency remains important.
  • Increase in the SpeedUp (sabbatical for postdocs): CHF 25,000
    The new amount for the replacement position is CHF 25,000 (previously: CHF 20,000).

More information: Regulations and Guideline Sheet, valid from 1st January 2021

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about FoKo applications (from 2021)

Please see here.

„CoffeeTalk+“: Advice Offer to Researchers during the Semester, Wednesdays, 14-15h

Do you have questions about funding your research project, submitting applications to the FoKo or third-party funding providers, or planning your academic career?

Dr. Bruno Z'Graggen, Research Promotion Unit Director invites you with pleasure during the semester to an uncomplicated "CoffeeTalk+". Pass by without inscription!

At the moment only from the home office via E-Mail or Zoom.

Guide for doctoral and postdoctoral Candidates

Do you want to receive a doctor's degree succesfully or are you asking yourself: doctorate - and than, afterwards?
See: Guide for doctoral and postdoctoral candidates

Open Access: SNSF Policy and Guidelines of the University of Lucerne

The SNSF set up the goal to make all the results available by Open Access 100% in the year 2020 which were worked out by SNSF supported projects. In order to rearch that goal, the SNSF decided mesures and new regulations which are valid since first of April 2018.
SNSF Open Access

The University of Lucerne supports Open Access. The Open Access-Policy is harmonised with the guidelines of swissuniversity, with the SNSF and the SAGW.
Open Access Guidelines University of Lucerne (15.06.2016)