Manuela Morf, PhD and Anna Sender, PhD were both awarded a Spark grant by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF). SNSF Spark funds original and unconventional research ideas such that they can be tested, further developed and implemented.

Manuela Morf’s project “Career Success 4.0” uses event-based interventions to explore careers in the gig economy. Tranditional career paths are outdated and many individuals follow independent careers, regardless of organizational boundaries. Which career competencies are essential and what drives the financial and personal success of gig workers? This project seeks answers to these questions and tests ways to promote gig workers’ career success.

Anna Sender’s project “It takes a fool to remain sane” in cooperation with Hannah Mormann, PhD. and Prof. Boris Previšić focuses on the changing role of the HR professional in the organization. Inspired by cases of business failures resulting from the arrogance of the top management and fear of middle managers to tell the truth, this interdisciplinary project explores how HR professionals could, in cooperation with professional comedians, take up a role of modern court jesters in allowing top management to realize the distortions of reality.

3rd December 2019