The University of Lucerne and the Swiss Armed Forces College offer a joint MAS and three CAS courses for leaders from economy and public services. In Fall 2018, the first part, the "CAS in Decision Making and Leadership" started and now came to a successful end with the certification ceremony.

The participants of the first "CAS in Decision Making and Leadership".

In the last few weeks, 8 participants between 32 and 49 years old have successfully completed the “CAS in Decision Making and Leadership”. This course is organized in two main modules: First, practical training in a tested and consolidated process for decision making, including necessary skills like presentation techniques, staff work, visualization and personal work organization. Second, scientific foundations on the topic of leadership, as well as complementary contents like ethics in decision making, economic modelling of decisions or a philosophical perspective onto acting within the context of a certain legal framework. The course was offered by a newly established collaboration between the University of Lucerne and the Swiss Armed Forces College. In particular, the latter contributed the contents of the decision making methodology – military contents, adapted to a civil audience.

The first feedbacks are very positive. The program management was happy to welcome Regierungsrat Paul Winiker, Prof. Dr. Bruno Staffelbach and Major General Daniel Keller to the certification ceremony at Luzern’s Allenwinden Tower. This CAS is part of the “MAS in Effective Leadership”. This master’s course is designed for leaders in economy, public services and the non-profit sector as well as for the graduates of the Swiss Armed Forces College, thus the officers of the military. The course trains the skills required for leadership in situations with an acute need for action and excludes the administration of day-to-day operations. Accordingly, the three certificate courses focus on actual core topics of leadership: decision making, human factors, and information management.

2019 the extension continues with the first realization of the “CAS in Human Factors in Leadership”. At the same time, the “CAS in Decision Making and Leadership” will again take place – with a new intake of students.

On 11 March, the University of Lucerne will offer an information evening.

17th December 2018