Visas and Registration

Visas for Switzerland

First of all, please check whether or not you need a visa to enter Switzerland. Students from EU and EFTA countries only need a valid passport or identity card whilst all other students will usually require an entry visa. Students from outside the EU should therefore contact the Swiss embassy or consulate in their home country at least three months before entering Switzerland. It  is important that you allow enough time to apply for your visa since the process for obtaining an entry visa can take between 6-12 weeks. Your local Swiss embassy or consulate will provide the necessary information regarding the immigration procedure. Please note that students from countries with a visa requirement for Switzerland cannot be matriculated at the University of Lucerne without a valid visa. If you are unsure whether or not you need a visa, please ask your local Swiss representation office.  

Travelling to Switzerland

The following websites will help you with your journey to Switzerland:

Swiss International Airlines

Swiss Railway Corporation – SBB  


After entering Switzerland, all students are required to register at the registration office of their community of residence within 14 days. 
For the registration, you will need a valid travel document, one passport-sized picture, as well as confirmation of matriculation from the University of Lucerne.

After the registration, the residence permit (foreigner's identity card) will be issued. Citizens of non-EU/EFTA-countries must then present themselves at the Office for Migration (with passport and passport-sized picture).

The costs for registration and all related documents (foreigner's identity card, the visa etc.) are to be borne by the student.

Health Insurance

Health Insurance

 For anyone staying in Switzerland for longer than three months, health insurance is compulsory. Students from an EU state who are legally insured in their home country can apply for exemption from this obligation by using the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or a provisional certificate issued by the health insurance company in your home country.

Travel insurance taken out in your home country is not equivalent to Swiss health insurance cover and will not be accepted.

SWISScare offers students reduced rate health and accident coverage.

You can register online for SWISScare's studentpass insurance.


Personal Liability Insurance

Swiss personal liability insurance covers damage caused by you to a 3rd party, in body or property (excluding driving related incidents). Personal liability insurance is not compulsory in Switzerland, however it is highly recommended.

Students living in university arranged accommodation are required to take out personal liability insurance.

The University of Lucerne recommends the CSS insurance company:

Contact details

CSS Versicherung
Hauptagentur Luzern
Seidenhofstrasse 6
Postfach 2440
6002 Luzern

T +41 58 277 30 65
F +41 58 277 30 66