Professor Diebold’s main areas of research and publications lie within the fields of constitutional economic law, international economic relations law, public economic law and competition law.

Current research topics

  • Price discrimination - legal limits and the limits of law (slide presentation)
  • The Cassis de Dijon principle in practice and politics (with Martin Ludin)
  • De minimus exceptions for hardcore restrictions in antitrust law (with Cyrill Schäke)
  • Textbook on public procurement law (with Martin Ludin and Adam Arend)
  • Textbook on public economic and competition law (with Bernhard Rütsche)
  • Infrastructure law

Research Projects

Current Research Projects 

  • Textbook on Public Economic Law

Completed Research Projects 

  • "Freizügigkeit im Mehrebenensystem" [Free Movement and Multi-Level Governance]  (post-doc thesis / Holcim Sholarship)
  • "Non-discrimination in International Trade in Services" (PhD / SNF-Scholarship)

Supervised PhD Thesis

Current PhD Projects

  • Martin Ludin ¦ Privilegierte Vergaben an interne Leistungserbringer: Inhouse-, Quasi-inhouse- und Instate-Geschäfte 
  • Cyrill Schäke ¦ Bonusmeldung im Kartellrechtsverfahren  
  • Joachim Mahler ¦ Regulierte Tarife im Strommarkt (Mitbetreut durch Dr. Jürg Borer)
  • Alessandro Sia ¦ Les labels écologiques dans les marchés publics