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Anne Beutter completed her Bachelor’s Degree in the Study of Religions and Sociology at University of Basel and her Master’s Degree in the Study of Religion at University of Leipzig. Her Master’s Thesis concerned the spatial aspects of the establishment of a new religious actor.

In 2015 she was an academic assistant ad interim at the Sub-department of Science of Religion at University of Basel. Since February 2016 she is the academic assistant at the Department for the Study of Religions at University of Lucerne.

In her PHD-Project she explores the interrelation of ‘religion’ and ‘the legal’ as an analytical framework. She asks how the legal structures of a religious organisation are embedded in a legally and religiously plural context. As a case of analysis she focuses on the legal practices in congregations of the Presbyterian Church of the Gold Coast (today: Ghana) and their interaction with African and colonial legal structures.

Aside from that she is one of the editors of the Zeitschrift für junge Religionswissenschaft and co-founder of the Netzwerk un-sichtbar, a network of audio guide projects on religion in urban space.


Main areas of study:

  • Method and Theory of Religion(s): Theoretical approaches to Religion & Law and Religion & Space; ritual theory; aesthetics of religion; and discourse analysis.
  • History of religion(s): Religion in contemporary European contexts; History of Christian missions south of the Sahara as well as of African Religions.



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