Sue leads the Inclusion and Diversity consulting business for PwC in Switzerland and beyond. This includes helping companies be more inclusive (with a specific focus on the Operations workforce) and becoming Certified as an Equal Salary employer.

Previously, Sue was the global head of Diversity for the Nestlé Group. Sue was responsible for improving the Gender Balance of market leadership teams through understanding and managing the non-linear careers of today’s workforce effectively. Key focus areas included:  senior mentoring programmes, flexible working, Inclusion awareness and training programmes and mobility.

To assist employees with partners to become internationally mobile, Sue founded and was President of the International Dual Career Network Association 2010-2015, linking over 100 Multinationals together to “give insight into the rules of the game” and provide visibility on job availability to international spouses of employees. This programme is global with active networks in 15 locations from Singapore to Los Angeles.

Prior to joining HR, Sue spent 15 years in Operations, leading the Customer Service function for the Nestle Group for 5 years in Switzerland.

Sue is British, lives and works between Switzerland and the UK. Sue is a board member of W.I.N. an advisor for Bosom Buddies (a charity dedicated to the education of teenagers about breast cancer) and chair of her childrens Parent/Teacher association. When time permits enjoys singing in a Caberet, playing in the school steel pan group with her oldest daughter, snowshoeing and trying to win the battle with the ivy growth in her garden.