Executive Summary 

The aim of this study is to provide an overview of current compensation policies for the board of directors, the executive board and higher management (C-1) in large listed and non-listed organizations in Switzerland. Thereby the following topics were covered: determination of compensation, performance assessment, variable pay, internal pay consistency versus external market positioning and strategic alignment.

In order to collect data on this matter, survey invitations were sent to the chairman of the board of directors of large listed and non-listed organizations in Switzerland. Study participants were able to fill in the questionnaire either in paper pencil or online. Results provide valuable insights on current compensation policies.


Study Report 2019 (German)

Study Report 2016 (German)

Executive Summary


Center for Human Resource Management (CEHRM), University of Lucerne, Switzerland:
Dr. Anna Sender, Dr. Alexandra Arnold, Prof. Bruno Staffelbach


Dr. Anna Sender