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21st January 2021
Digitalization and generation management

In their article in the trade magazine personalSCHWEIZ, Dr. Anja Feierabend and Julian Pfrombeck use the Swiss HR Barometer Data 2020 to analyze the extent to which corporate digitization is widespread in Switzerland and what impact it has on employees of different ages.

11th December 2020
First graduation ceremony of the MAS in Effective Leadership

8 graduates received the diploma "Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) in Effective Leadership" from the University of Lucerne and the Swiss Armed Forces College.

5th December 2020
Equals among equals

Homophilia, the tendency to interact with similar people, underlies human relationships. Researchers from the University of California and Microsoft Workplace Intelligence have conducted a study on this phenomenon.

13th November 2020
Weitere Förderung des "Schweizer HR-Barometer"

Der "Schweizer Human-Relations-Barometer" misst regelmässig die Einstellungen, Wahrnehmungen, Stimmungen und Absichten von Beschäftigten in der Schweiz. Für den Zeitraum 2021 bis 2024 wurde erneut ein Förderbeitrag des Schweizerischen Nationalfonds (SNF) gesprochen.

9th November 2020
Crisis staffs against the pandemic

This spring, many companies and authorities set up task forces, working groups or crisis teams to respond to the consequences of Covid-19. Mostly temporary teams with HR specialists without medical training and in-depth knowledge in crisis management. A research team from the University of Lucerne has collected data to investigate the effectiveness of these teams.

7th October 2020
Job satisfaction decreases with digitisation

This year’s Swiss HR Barometer combines two major trends: digitisation, and an aging society. Almost 40 percent of those surveyed can imagine working beyond retirement age. Job satisfaction decreases as digitisation of an employee’s tasks increases.

5th October 2020
Risk of infection in social media: Who is immune and who is contagious?

Employees regularly compare their salaries or career developments with those of their colleagues. A study by the Center for Human Resource Management at the University of Lucerne has for the first time investigated how such comparisons are made in the social media.

10th September 2020
Past performance is a predictor of potential

Companies that recognize the potential of their employees can gain a competitive advantage. But how do you recognize their potential and how is it related to past and future performance?

27th August 2020
New master seminar "People Analytics"

Are you interested in developing people analytics skills? Do you wish to gain expertise in the management of a remote workforce? Do you like to work on your unique project in groups? If so, save your spot in our new seminar “People Analytics”.

30th July 2020
Resilience of virtual teams

The extraordinary situation shifts the cooperation of many teams into virtual space. Even there mistakes happen, there are setbacks and conflicts. But which mechanisms help virtual teams to overcome difficulties well?