Research Assistant (Prof. Dr. Stefan Boes)
T +41 41 229 59 52 • Room 1.B05 •



In April 2017, Yanmei started her PhD in Health Economics at the University of Lucerne. She graduated from Karolinska Institutet (Stockholm, SE) in June 2012 with a Master of Medical Science in Health Economics and Health Promotion. She studied Pharmaceutics at Shenyang Pharmaceutical University (China). During her master studies, Yanmei worked as a student assistant and conducted a systematic review in cost-effectiveness analysis of medical treatment for myocardial infarction. Apart from that, she completed an internship at Hemholtz Zentrum München in Germany, assisting in a project addressing childhood obesity.


The major focus of Yanmei’s research project is on the Swiss health insurance system and health care demand. The mandatory Swiss insurance system requires individuals to make decisions regarding their health care plan selections. How individuals understand complex insurance coverages, what factors affect choices of different plans, and how this choice affects health care utilization are important research areas that have implications on the efficiency of a health insurance system.