Wissenschaftliche Assistentin (Prof. Dr. Gisela Michel)

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Cristina Priboi is originally from Romania where she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the West University of Timișoara and she holds a Master of Science in Psychology from the University of Bern. During her Master studies she worked as a research assistant for the Department of Developmental Psychology at University of Bern. For her Master thesis she developed a cross-cultural study in order to empirically investigate the gender differences in personality factors and to better understand the gender gap in this matter. Cristina Priboi started her PhD at University of Lucerne, Department of Health Science and Medicine, in September 2018. Her research analyses the impact of cancer diagnosis on the family system.



Her research focuses on late effects of childhood cancer, long term follow-up of adult survivors of childhood cancer and investigates the psychosocial consequences of childhood cancer on grandparents. The aim is to gather knowledge about the necessities of the affected families and to facilitate the development of support services specially created for their needs.




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